Care & Prayer
Prayer Works  “Prayer is simply talking to God like you would talk to a friend”
Prayer Connects us to God Prayer is the link that connects us to God.  
Develop a hunger for God  Ask God to help you want him more than anything or anyone else in your life. When your hungry for more of God, you’ll naturally be motivated to meet with him in prayer.
Seek intimacy with God  Be willing to make drawing closer to God a top priority in your life. Make whatever changes you need to make in your life to allow yourself to spend significant, consistent time with God daily in prayer. Set a goal to spend 7 minutes a day with God. Deliberately build a life around your relationship with god.
Pursue God with passion  Overcome complacency and distractions that may cause time away from God. Simplify your life in such a way that creates space for you to build your relationship with God. Ask God to give you passion for people and situations that are important to Him so you can pray with passion for what most matters to God.

Prayer Opportunities:

SUnday Morning Prayer

Join us Sunday Mornings for a worshipful time of prayer.

Daily Prayer with Pastor Nate

Join us Monday – Thursday at noon on Facebook Live for a daily prayer time with Pastor Nate.

Prayer Team Ministry
For those who feel called to make a difference through prayer. Our prayer team prays before each service for the people who will be attending and those who will be leading in worship. To learn more about how you can serve on the prayer team, fill out a connect card or see your campus host in the lobby.
Submit a prayer request

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