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Community Church missions exists to connect us with others as we partner together to build the Kingdom of God. Join us and help us make a difference as we share in what God is doing locally and around the world.

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Local Missions
Reachglobal Crisis Response
Urban Impact
Open Table
Center for Prison Renewal
Upward Community Services
Fairhaven home for children
International Missions
Faith and Freedom
Jonathan's Impact
Faith Bible Belize

Want to know more information about the Missions Committee or how to volunteer for it?

Contact: Angie Buck Missions Coordinator Email: acbuck424@gmail.com Phone: 985.969.3842
ReachGlobal Crisis Response

ReachGlobal Crisis Response partners with churches worldwide to reach their communities and share God’s love in the wake of a crisis, for the long term. We provide physical relief from water filters to food and clothing. We set up sites to help clean up and reconstruct. We provide trauma care and strategy to help restore hope, rebuild lives and transform communities and individuals.

We organize and mobilize believers from all over the country to come and serve the church and homeowners.

And we need your help.

My Contact Information:

Office and mailing address:
Dorinda B. Bogran
19380 N. 10th St.
Covington, LA  70433
Cell:  985.705.2416

It’s been a busy year for our Harvey Response sites! Without teams for most of the year, our staff worked together travelling between the three sites to keep projects moving. The Grove, our Houston site, and our site in Friendswood, TX have closed down.
Our Corpus Christi site is still moving along, hosting several teams at the end of this year. Our staff kept working in homes to keep up our relationships with homeowners. They will be continuing to host teams and support Reflection Church, a new church being planted in Rockport, TX.
Our home office in Covington, LA had some fun hosting Crisis Response’s only intern this year. Meg helped us prepare for the Apex Experience that will now be held in July 2022. We also had one team this year before the shut-down, and several workdays with Trinity Church’s men and youth group. Please pray with us for more teams and interns for New Orleans next year.
Our team partners with Trinity to offer ESL classes. Last year those classes launched a bible study, and recently launched a Spanish-speaking church this year. Dulce Refugio (Sweet Refuge) had their first service this fall, and we look forward to seeing how we can support and partner with them as they grow.
Our Florence Response in Morehead City hosted the most teams this year. One of the teams shared the Gospel with Wendell and his sister as they worked on his home. We pray that Wendell will continue to draw near to God, and that some of the other homeowners we have served can encourage him and speak truth to him.
The Bridge was fixed up to host teams there during the spring, and then the building sold. Now we are blessed to be able to use some of the space in One Harbor’s new property for office space and tool storage, and are back to hosting teams in the church.
Prayer Requests
  • Pray for more workers for the harvest at our response sites Praise God for our Trauma Care team as they continue to develop and offer support to churches in crisis
  • Pray for churches in Honduras who are responding to devastation from Hurricanes Eta and Iota.
  • Pray for the church planting efforts of our partners in the Philippines. Even amid Covid new churches are being started, but new lockdown is seriously impacting pastor’s livelihoods.
Urban Impact

To create a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes to schools of excellence, a safe place to gather, a church that cares and a transformed household.  Our focus is on evangelism and discipleship concentrating on Central City New Orleans youth and families.   Using bible studies, individual discipling, day camp, summer camp experiences, recreation, educational enrichment, and youth employment, UIM has been successful in reaching the next generation for Christ.

Though our day-to-day ministry changed during the Covid-19 pandemic, our efforts have remained focused on that mission.  We have served over 6,000 meals, effectively restarted our youth ministry, began a men’s ministry, hired 10 youth this summer and even had a small, but successful day camp.   We have plans to increase our outreach focusing on discipleship.

Pastor John Gerhardt
P.O. Box 50223
New Orleans, La., 70150
Office Phone: 504-523-5556
Email Address: uim@urbanimpact.org

Mr. Henry at meal distribution

Keddy and her kids helping at meal distribution

Summer Day Camp 2020

Two of our summer high school employees

Trinity EFC Covington and our staff at meal distribution

Open Table

Open Table:  In the central Open Table model, through a “Table,” individuals are trained to use their vast relational capital and social networks to impact the social determinants of health for an individual or family. A group of volunteers forms a “Table,” guided by a “life plan” that outlines goals specific to individuals and families requesting assistance, and that are defined by the individuals and families. Over the course of a year, Open

Table volunteers meet on a weekly basis to work with the person or family seeking support to create positive change.

Amanda Thrasher
Phone: 985-966-1194
Email Address: zaallj@gmail.com

Center for Prisoner Renewal

Community Church member Stewart Buck first began prison ministry in 1989.  In 2012, God gave him a vision of not only introducing Christ to those in prison, but also establishing relationships with the incarcerated and to educate them and prepare them for when they would be released into the free world again. The vision also included establishing support on the outside for former prisoners with shelter, education, mentoring, and employment.

The Center for Prisoner Renewal (CPR) was birthed from this vision in 2018.  Its purpose is to conduct weekly Bible studies and mentoring for the residents of Rayburn Correctional Center and Dixon Correctional Center, as well as at Bart House in Covington.   CPR also works with the prisons in implementing Life Skills Courses for those inmates that have one year or less until their release date.  Upon release, CPR will help the former prisoners begin their journey back into society and meet the requirements of their parole and probation officers.


Additionally, CPR continues Life Skills Courses and provides mentors for the residents of transition homes and halfway houses. CPR assists the men in locating and obtaining meaningful jobs and careers that can sustain them and their families. CPR provides transportation as needed.  With the aid of CPR and its continuing education and support for prisoners and former prisoners, the men can leave the home prepared to step back into the free world as a contributing member of society.

2021 Update:  The prisons remain closed and on lockdown due to the pandemic, and CPR has been unable to minister within the walls of Rayburn and Dixon.  However, CPR continues its support of Bart House and any others who need it. 

Stewart Buck
Phone: 225.362.9029
Email Address: stewart@centerforprisonerrenewal.org

Upward Community Services
Faith-based, non-denominational and unique in its mission, Upward Community Services is a nonprofit organization that strives to make your community a better, safer place to live.

Since 1989, Upward Community Services (UCS) has improved the lives and souls of thousands of needy members of our communities by giving them the opportunity and exposure to break the cycle of poverty, crime, physical abuse, neglect, and substance abuse.

Summer Camp and 413 Recovery Program

We can all agree that improving the lives of children in our community will increase their chances of leading a productive life and enhance the safety and overall well-being for everyone. That’s why for over 30 years, Upward Community Services has been on a mission of providing safe, educational and fun opportunities for youth and children, whose families cannot afford it.

The peace of mind the parents of these children and youth receive improves the overall family dynamic and changes the trajectory of our entire community.

Camp Upward serves 225+ children daily, starting the first Monday in June through the last Friday in July, Campers can participate in games, sports, aquatics and multiple field trips. Kids are provided with 2 hot meals daily, safe transportation, character building classes, bible teachings and swimming lessons. Our Recovery Program commonly known as 4:13, is a one-of-a-kind voluntary, residential program that incorporates spiritual and addictive counseling, life skills classes and service work. This helps a multi-cultural population whose common denominator is drug and alcohol abuse. Established in 1989, 4:13 uses a holistic approach to help addicts restore themselves to a healthy way of living. Privileges are earned, and residents are challenged to learn better ways of coping with everyday life.

Unique in its mission, the recovery program relies on your donations to make our community a better, safer, and healthier place to live. Troubled, needy, and overwhelmed members of our community are referred to us on a daily basis.

Please join us in making our community a better, safer place.

Greg Longino
Phone: 985.400.5970 

Fairhaven Home For Children

Community Church has a small group of people who regularly provide support to Fairhaven Ministry of Faith, Hope and Love in Covington.  Support is provided in the areas of monthly meal provision for adults and children living at Fairhaven Children’s Home, sorting and organization of medical supplies and loading of cargo to be shipped to third world countries, workdays on the 40-acre property, and presentation of special gifts.

For many years, the one and only Fairhaven Children’s Home in Coving-ton, Louisiana has existed to meet the spiritual, physical, and mental needs of needy children as the Lord makes it possible.

The vision of this ministry is to never be limited by gender, race, or handicaps.   Where there are needs to be met, this place’s leaders and volunteers put their complete confidence in God to give them the necessary tools they need with resources, wisdom, and direction, according to His will, to make a real difference in the lives of hurting boys and girls.

For those volunteers who like to work, there is always an opportunity to serve at the Fairhaven Ministries Children’s Home, where Johnny and Sissie Huffman are laying down their lives for the next generation and other nations; through the many shipping containers that are filled and sent to needy people in Haiti, Israel and Romania, from this amazing place.

Rodney and Joann Manning
Phone: 860.514.4281
Email Address: rjmanningnc@gmail.com

Faith and Freedom

In all that we do, Faith & Freedom Ministries aims, first, to carry the love of God to people in need and families in crisis. Second, we teach others, training them in healing and deliverance, equipping them as spiritual warriors and powerful evangelists.

In 2020, God blew up the scope of our outreach through our new Facebook group, “Beyond Church” wbich draws now up to 1,100 people a day for weekday devotionals and weekly Bible studies. We also maintain an active ministry in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, teaching daily now by internet, supporting pastors and traveling to central Asia for six weeks last spring.

God has been good to his laborers, and fields everywhere are ripe unto harvest! 

Dave Diamond
Phone: 985.630.1186
Address: P.O. Box 4565, Covington, LA 70434

Jonathan's Impact

Our Vision
Jonathan’s Impact Ministry is to represent Jesus Christ in our provision for the ongoing physical, spiritual, emotional and the educational needs of the orphans in Zimbabwe, Africa. We seek leadership and direction from the Holy Spirit and input from our ministry partners on the field in Zimbabwe in our mission endeavors.

Our Mission
To communicate the Love of Jesus Christ to African orphans through provision of their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, continuing the vision of Jonathan Dileo.

Steve and Cassie Dileo
Phone: 985.249.1612
Email Address: stdileo@live.com

Faith Bible Church, Belize

Recently Pastor Alfred Young Jr and Dr. Nathan Young announced that the name Faith Bible of Covington and Faith Bible of Slidell will go away as they join under the umbrella of Community Church.  The three Community Churches will stretch across St. Tammany “changing lives”.  The cherished name “Faith Bible” will not go away completely though.  It will continue to serve God’s children reaching way past St. Tammany Parish.

For the past decade Community Church, through its missions, has been supporting Pastor Robert Palacio and his led church Faith Bible Belize.  What started as a friendship between Pastor Robert Palacio and Pastor Alfred Young Jr. led to the planting of Faith Bible in San Pedro, Belize.

While Belize is a beautiful tropical location, you won’t find Pastor Robert ministering though to the many travelers who visit San Pedro in search of deep sea fishing, scuba diving, or to sip drinks on the beach. You won’t find him at the resorts or preaching under swaying palm trees to the passing tourists.  If you want to find Pastor Robert simply follow the garbage trucks as they leave the resort areas.  Follow the trucks as they cross over the bridge, next to the movie theater, leading into the landfill that is swollen with trash and void of sanitation and basic services.  Why would anyone even expect there to be sanitation or human services in the landfill?  It’s a trash dump after all.

Because in San Pedro that is where many of the poorest people live, in the landfill, living in shanties built on top of the discarded garbage from the resorts and the rest of the city.  With the only form of electricity being an extension cord reaching from building to building and no plumbing and sewage system to deliver water or handle human waste, God’s forgotten children reside.

They are not forgotten by Pastors Robert and Alfred.  A few years ago Community Church of Covington and Faith Bible Covington joined in mission to send a team down to San Pedro to build a sidewalk at Faith Bible Belize.  Why would a simple sidewalk going from the rock road to the church be so important that a team would travel from Covington, Louisiana to Central America to help finance it and build it?  It would allow those being ministered to by Pastor Robert, those living in the landfill, to get into the church building without walking through the human bodily waste that also covers much of the ground and spreads when the tide comes in.   This is where Pastor Robert saves souls and gives hope to people who have very little in human services, food, and shelter. 

On his past trips to Belize Pastor Joe Richardson, built a following as he spread God’s word in the streets of San Pedro, at night and in the early mornings.  He taught and preached to so many of the street people, just as Christ and the disciples did on their missions.  While Pastor Joe worked with the many locals Zeb Thrasher developed a strong relationship with Pastor Robert to help him in his ministry.  Not unlike the early Christians sharing the Gospel amongst the needy and unchurched through the support of the early churches, Community Church, and its relationship with Robert Palacio is doing the same.

In addition to sponsoring multiple mission trips to Belize, Community Church through its tithing, continues financed and much of God’s work that continues at Faith Bible Belize. A few U.S. dollars goes a long way in such place.  Your giving, Community Church’s giving, is changing lives in San Pedro!

While those living in the landfill may be poor in worldly things they are rich in faith.  These are some of the happiest people that you will meet.  Strong in the Word and void of despair. Pastor Robert, his wife sister Lavern, and his family continue to serve them one at a time.  As the early churches supported the disciples as they traveled far distances spreading the good news so too Community Church supports pastors around the world doing God’s work.

Community Church is proud that the name Faith Bible continues on, doing what it has always done, serving God’s children in San Pedro, Belize. 

Rodney and Joann Manning
Phone: 860.514.4281
Email: rjmanningnc@gmail.com

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