5th-6th grade
meets Sundays from 2-4pm
Ministry Center Building
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7th-12th grade
meets Sundays from 5-7pm
Ministry Center Building
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Christmas is almost here and I am so excited. My ideal Christmas situation is me, in my PJs and slippers, wrapped in my warmest blanket, listening to my Mariah Carey Christmas album on repeat, and drinking hot chocolate — in a word, cozy. In my opinion, Christmas is about being comfortable. However, if you know anything about the very first Christmas (the day Jesus was born) you probably wouldn’t call it “comfortable.” Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Joseph, her husband, had to get really uncomfortable in order for the first Christmas to happen. We’re talking long travel days on a donkey and having a baby in a cave surrounded  by smelly animals, while almost everyone you knew thought you were living in sin and imagining angelic visitations. Why’d they do it? Because they knew the world needed a Savior. On the first Christmas, Mary and Joseph gave up their comfort. This Christmas, how could you and I do the same?

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